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  • gasoline_engine3
    Fire pump engine using gasoline
    Model: 65x50 FS2JA Applications in the field of industrial plants, high-rise buildingsm, Fire pump engine ...

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Check Virbration

Model 211 Vibration Meter and 211M (Metric) measures overall vibration amplitude in the range

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Maintain Pumping Systems Effectively

Suggested Actions
Establish a pumping system maintenance program

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Check the temperature of the device

Check the temperature of the engine, the pump:
- Check the temperature of pumps and motors in actual

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Measuring motor speed

Check engine speed with LASER gun:
- Put up awareness LASER light coupling
- Press the speed test

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The pump is not producing enough capacity to satisfy the application 10-10

This is the second paper in a four part series about pump troubleshooting. Let me begin by pointing ...

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Trim or Replace Impellers on Oversized Pumps

Suggested Actions 
Consider impeller trimming when any of the following apply:
• The head provide...

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Optimize Parallel Pumping Systems

When multiple pumps operate continuously as part of a parallel pumping system, there can be opportun...

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Adjustable Speed Pumping Application

Suggested Actions
• Consider using adjustable speed drives in pumping applications that range from 1 ...

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CSA/CNA - Horizontal Split Casing Pumps

End suction mono-block centrifugal pump in accordance to made of cast iron. Application include water boosting, heating systems, air-conditioning, washing system and many other industrial application.
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   End suction  mono-block centrifugal pump in accordance to made of cast iron.  Application include water boosting, heating systems, air-conditioning, washing system and  many other  industrial  application.



-     Very compact design for ease of installation and permits minimum maintenance.

-     Axilly spilit casing allows the easy removal of the top casing for inspection and service.

-     A wider range of performance with head up to 150m

-     High speed drives and vertical mount available

-     Anti-corrosion materials used on the rotating parts.

-     High quality sealed and cartridge type bearing units provided high durability.

-     High allowable working pressure can ensure stable running.

-     Mechanical seal for easy maintenance




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