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  • gasoline_engine3
    Fire pump engine using gasoline
    Model: 65x50 FS2JA Applications in the field of industrial plants, high-rise buildingsm, Fire pump engine ...

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Check Virbration

Model 211 Vibration Meter and 211M (Metric) measures overall vibration amplitude in the range

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Maintain Pumping Systems Effectively

Suggested Actions
Establish a pumping system maintenance program

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Check the temperature of the device

Check the temperature of the engine, the pump:
- Check the temperature of pumps and motors in actual

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Measuring motor speed

Check engine speed with LASER gun:
- Put up awareness LASER light coupling
- Press the speed test

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The pump is not producing enough capacity to satisfy the application 10-10

This is the second paper in a four part series about pump troubleshooting. Let me begin by pointing ...

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Trim or Replace Impellers on Oversized Pumps

Suggested Actions 
Consider impeller trimming when any of the following apply:
• The head provide...

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Optimize Parallel Pumping Systems

When multiple pumps operate continuously as part of a parallel pumping system, there can be opportun...

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Adjustable Speed Pumping Application

Suggested Actions
• Consider using adjustable speed drives in pumping applications that range from 1 ...

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Booster Control Panel

APPLICATION: 1~4 Inverter(s) Use for 1~4 Pump(s) System
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*Features of Multi Inverter panel:
- Upgraded highly the system quality keeping the constant pressure as minimized the pressure deflection in starting of sub-pump which is a problem of existing method.
- Remarkable energy saving effect as using multi Inverter

Input Voltage AC 220V 3PH, AC 380V 3PH, AC 440V 3PH/ (50/60HZ)
Output Power (HP) 1~20HP
Pressure Transmitter 2 Wires, 4~20mA, 0~50Bar
Remote Control RS232c/RS485, Modem (Optional)






Multi Inverter Control

Keep the constant water pressure as using each Inverter to all pumps.

* Inverter Operation

* 4(four) Multi Inverters operation.

* LCD screen display in letter.

* Display the faulty alarms on the LCD screen.

*PC Communication

(Long distance): Optional.

*Modem Communication

(Long distance): Optional.

*Freezing prevention:




Monitoring the operation

Easy to control the system as displaying the operation condition in letter trough the 240x 64 Dots LCD screen.


Select the operation Mode

Select the auto or Manual operation mode by the select switch.


Auto Re-start

Automatically re-start with the former operation data when the power returned.


Lead Pump Shift

Rotate the lead pump according to the set time of lead pump.


Faulty Pump Skip

Automatically skip a faulty pump and keep operating the system regularly.


Dry Running Prevention

Prevent the void turning by the water shortage sensor.



Schedule Operating

Operate the system by scheduled data (Timely,

Weekly & monthly).



Alarm Display

Display the alarms, Over Current, Water shortage, High Pressure, Low Pressure &

Transmitter Faulty.


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