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OCX oil sealed vacuum units in stainless steel

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 The unit consists of a liquid ring pump, OCS range, powered with closed circuit oil and fitted with electric drives and various auxiliary equipment and accessories to meet the various needs of our clients.

The main features of the unit are:
- High performance: the total oil recirculation guarantees high performance levels up to 10 mbar of
absolute vacuum
- Cost-effectiveness: thanks to the complete elimination of the service water used in the traditional units
- Possibility to intake gas with vapour: thanks to the exclusive system that separates the condensation
aspirated, and the properties of the oil used
- High vacuum level: constant even at high room temperatures and with high aspirated gas temperatures
- Silent operation: the technical characteristics of the unit itself ensure silent operation
- Minimum maintenance: thanks to the vapour reduction filter with its regenerable cartridge, that uses
recirculation oil and guarantees the perfect lubrication

Options: separator tank at the inlet, and complete electric panel

The OCS units are able to satisfy the need for a high level of vacuum, with a water shortage problem. Thanks also to these characteristics, there are many possible applications in the various processes of the industrial sector:

- Brick and pasta-making industries: in the degassing of the mixture from the extruders
- Plastic industry: in the extrusion processes
- Anning industry: in the vacuum dryers for tanning leathers
- Chemical-pharmaceutical plants: in the distillation and crystallisation processes
- Wood industry: in the dryers

……in all those systems where it is necessary to centralise the vacuum.


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Điện thoại: 043 564 2866
Fax : 043 564 2877
Email : sales@weco.vn
Hotline: 0962 253 077


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