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FSSA - Bơm ly tâm trục rời thép không gỉ

Bơm lý tâm trục rời thép không gỉ FSSA được ứng dụng trong lĩnh vực công nghiệp, cung cấp nước nóng...
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- Various models: Either 2-pole or 4-pole models can be selected in a wide range
- Easy maintenance: The pump is B.P.O. (Back-Pull-Out) type that can be disassembled or inspected without removing the piping or heat insulation.
- Structure strongly to resistant piping loads: The discharge port is located at the center of the casing which is supported by the legs. Therefore, large piping loads can be applied to pump.
- Limit load characteristics: Limit load characteristics effectively prevent overloading even with large discharge rates

- Liqiud chemicals
- Industrial use
- Industrial water
- Hot water supply

Standard specifications
    Name: water, oil, liquid chemicals
    Temperature: 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)
    Viscosity: below 10 cst
    Specific gravity: 0.7 to 1.0

      4 m ... Except for Model 100 x 80 (2 pole)
      7 m ... Model 100 x 80 (2 pole)


     Impeller: enclosed
     Shaft seal: packing
     Sealing: self
     Bearing: sealed ball bearing
     Shaft sleeve: 2 pole-Model: no, 4 pole-Model: no (up to 100 x 80), yes (125 x 100 and over)
     Casing Ring: 2 pole-Model: no, 4 pole-Model: no (up to 100 x 80), yes (125 x 100 and over)
     Flange: JIS 10 kg/cm² R.F.

       Casing:             18-8 Stainless steel
       Impeller:            18-8 Stainless steel
       Shaft:                304 Stainless steel
       Sleeve:              4 pole-Model: 304 SS (up to 125 x 100)
       Casing Ring:      4 pole-Model: 304 SS (125 x 100 and over)
       Casing gasket:   Fluororubber
       Seal:                 Carbonized fiber

        Bare shaft:         ---
        With motor:       Common base, Coupling, Coupling guard  

Optional specifications
Liquid: for other specification than at standard contact Ebara

Installation:             Outdoors

     Shaft seal:          Mechanical seal (0 - 90°C)<br style="color: #0e0e0e; font-family: 'normal Arial', Helvetic

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