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Tủ điện điều khiển 01 máy bơm hãng FOURGROUP

Model : Q1EP
Công suất: 0.55 - 11kW
Xuất xứ : Italy
 tủ điện điều khiển Fourgroup
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 General description:

Electronic starter for 1 single-phase or three phase
electric pump: deep well, submersible
or surface pump, with dry running protection
for probes integrated in the electronic board
and adjustable ammetric protection. Start the
panel by turning the door interlocking general
switch, a green led will indicate that the panel
is operating.
The pump starts when a float switch or a
pressure switch closes the contact.
The ammetric protection can be calibrated with
a trimmer to protect the pump from overload.
The dry running protection can be integrated
for submerged pumps by adding extra level


• Electronic control panel;
• Input voltage 1~50/60 Hz 230V ±10%
(single-phase model Q1EPM-TA);
• Input voltage 3~50/60 Hz 400V ±10%
(three-phase model Q1EPT-TA);
• Very low voltage input for external pressure switch
or float switch;
• Very low voltage input for 3 level probes;
• Probes suitable for conductive not inflammable
liquids (not included);
• Selector for filling/emptying operation of the
level probes;
• Internal adjuster for probes;
• Selector for AUTO-OFF-MANUAL motor operation
(MANUAL temporary);
• Green led for power on;
• Green led for automatic operation;
• Green led for motor operating;
• Red led for water level alarm;
• Red led for motor overload protection alarm;
• Push-button for restoration from protection;
• Adjustable electronic protection from motor
• Time for activation of protection: 5”;
• Auxiliary circuits protection fuse;
• Motor protection fuses;
• Alarm output with exchangeable contacts
5 A 250 V (resistive load);
• Main switch with door interlock;
• Single-phase version adapted for the insertion of a capacitor (not included);
• Box in ABS;
• Output with cable holder;
• Protection IP55;
• Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;
• Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (not condensed).

 Technical data

Công ty WECO

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